Everyday Superheroes Podcast (coming soon)


Made by and for people with chronic pain

It’s a powerful thing to meet someone with the same condition as you. At last, someone who I don’t need to explain what it’s like - they already know!

The vision for this podcast is to allow people to share their stories with the community, warts and all. It can be about anything you want to talk about - the pain, the fatigue, the ups and downs, the little successes, the crushing setbacks, moments of joy, sadness, anxieties, frustrations, the tears - everywhere that chronic pain takes us.

By sharing these stories, we can help each other feel a little less isolated, feel like we know more people in the same boat, and maybe help each other find more happiness.

Be one of the first!

  • No commitment

  • Just a friendly chat with James - as long or short as you like

  • Anonymous if you want - your choice

  • For people with chronic pain / fatigue only

  • All you need is a computer with a microphone and internet connection

  • Listen to the final recording before deciding if you want it released